About Teach Better

Teach Better is where I share my thoughts on teaching and the education system in general. I like to try new things in the classroom, and the bulk of the content here reports on the success or failure of these experiments. During 2014 there were many of these experiments as I taught online classes over the summer and my first big lecture in the fall. I also have the occasional big idea and will link to interesting articles elsewhere.

While all of my teaching experience is at the university level, I come from a long line of teachers1 and firmly believe many truths about teaching are universal. One of those truths is that great teachers always have more to learn and are always striving to improve. Hopefully my writing will spark discussion–learning on the web should be interactive just as it should be in the classroom.

You can follow me on Twitter at @TeachBetterCo to get updated whenever I post something new, or subscribe to the site’s RSS feed. You can also subscribe via email to get new articles in your inbox. I blog about music, kids, and everything else at High Variance.


  1.  1. My mother teaches special needs kids at REED Academy in Framingham, Massachusetts, and my grandmother taught 4th grade in Weston, Massachusetts.