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Podcast Episode 41: Confronting Teaching Challenges With Edward and Doug

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Edward and Doug discuss several challenges they’ve faced in teaching new classes this semester. Edward needs help motivating online students from 3,000 miles away, while Doug tries to energize students in an early morning econometrics class. Edward’s screenwriting class has a lot of moving parts to track, and Doug’s juggling in-class activities and short bursts of lecturing. Both of them wrestle with new Learning Management Systems and other technology. There’s something for everyone in this episode.

Podcast Episode 40: What a Teaching Center Can Do for You With Kim Kenyon

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Kim Kenyon is an Associate Director of Cornell University’s Center for Teaching Excellence. In this episode she shares with us the many ways teaching centers support faculty from one on one consultations to classroom observations to multi-day workshops to informal “Walking on Wednesdays.” If you’ve ever been curious what happens over in that mysterious teaching center at your college, this is the episode for you.

Podcast Episode 39: Communicating Effectively With Jeff Niederdeppe

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In this episode we are joined by Associate Professor Jeff Niederdeppe from the Cornell Department of Communication. His research focuses on public communication about health and health care, and he teaches classes on planning and implementing communication campaigns as well as undergraduate research methods. Jeff shares with us how he brings his disciplinary skills into the classroom, as well as how and why he makes group projects a big part of his courses.

My Absurd Lecture Hardware Setup

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This semester I bring an absurd amount of hardware with me to class every time I teach. It takes a full 10 minutes to set up, and frankly doesn’t even work all that well. I’ll be making changes over the next few weeks, but here’s a snapshot of the current chaos.

Podcast Episode 38: Teaching Heritage Speakers With Sybil Alexandrov

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Sybil Alexandrov is one of the most well-regarded language instructors at Yale. In this episode we talk about teaching heritage speakers, a group that is vulnerable, diverse, and a “challenging opportunity” in the classroom. Among many other things, Sybil shares her strategies for making group projects work and tells us about the Heritage Meets Heritage project where heritage speakers of different languages learn from each other.

Podcast Episode 36: Teaching the Financial Crisis as a MOOC and in Person With Andrew Metrick

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Andrew Metrick is one of the best teachers in the Yale School of Management. In this episode he walks us through exactly how he co-taught a class on the Global Financial Crisis with former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, turned that course into a highly rated Coursera MOOC, and then used those resources to reinvent the in person class. Our conversation is chock full of practical advice for anyone who teaches online or in person.

Lecturing With a WolfVision Visualizer

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During my spring visit to University College London I saw a piece of hardware in almost all the classrooms that I’d never seen before: a WolfVision Visualizer. I saw Marcos Vera teach his development class with it and I heard Wendy Carlin rave about it when I talked to her about teaching introductory economics. I was shocked to realize how similar lecturing with a visualizer is to how I’ve been lecturing with my iPad Pro.

Podcast Episode 35: Nine Teaching Questions: Part Two

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In the second of a special two-part episode, we continue to reflect on what we’ve learned from the podcast about nine key questions all faculty face. In this episode we focus on the learner: How do you treat the student? How much choice do you give them? Who is responsible for engagement? Just as in part one, we’ve included lots of choice quotes from previous guests.