Welcome to Teach Better!

After two years of off-and-on blogging about all sorts of things at High Variance, I’ve decided to move everything I have to say about teaching and education in general to this brand new site. I realized that I have a lot more to share and it will be easier to find an audience if this content isn’t mixed in with posts about 80’s music and Conan the Barbarian.

Over the next year I will continue to try new things in my online classes and seminars, and I plan to more regularly share what I learn from my successes and failures. In the fall I will be teaching Econ 131 (Introduction to Econometrics and Data Analysis), and I guarantee I’ll have a lot to share as I’ve never taught a big lecture class before.

While all of my teaching experience is at the university level, I come from a long line of teachers,1 and firmly believe many truths about teaching are universal. One of those truths is that great teachers always have more to learn and are always striving to improve. Hopefully my writing here will spark discussion–learning on the web should be interactive just as it should be in the classroom.

You can follow me on Twitter at @TeachBetterCo to get updated whenever I post something new, or subscribe to the RSS feed. And I’ll still be posting my thoughts on music, kids, and everything else at High Variance.


  1. My mother teaches special needs kids at REED Academy in Framingham, Massachusetts, and my grandmother taught 4th grade in Weston, Massachusetts.