Podcast #35

In the second of a special two-part episode, we continue to reflect on what we’ve learned from the podcast about nine key questions all faculty face. In this episode we focus on the learner: How do you treat the student? How much choice do you give them? Who is responsible for engagement? Just as in part one, we’ve included lots of choice quotes from previous guests.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:39 Question 6. How do you treat the student? (Anonymity and Interchangeability vs. Identity and Uniqueness)

1:51 Craig Wright: learning students names–and more.

4:01 Carla Horowitz: Caring doesn’t mean “hugging all the time.”

7:56 Question 7. How do you see the student’s agency? (Passive vs. Active)

10:06 Parama Chaudry on helping students make choices.

13:55 Donald Kagan’s seminar technique.

15:34 Ken Starr prepares students heavily outside of class.

19:33 Question 8. Who’s responsible for engagement? (One-sided vs. Shared responsibility)

19:45 Craig Wright thinks constantly about making music engaging in the classroom.

23:51 Boris Kapustin: It’s not about “fun.”

28:07 Question 9. How do I see the student’s autonomy? (Dependence vs. Self-control)

29:11 Matt Jacobson loses sleep to give students agency.

31:45 Some simple ways to give students some autonomy.

36:17 David Malin’s student projects.

38:57 Theresa Schenker has student do video projects.

43:10 What Doug focuses on.

44:39 Connections amongst the nine dimensions.

45:20 Sign-off.