Edtech Summer

Edward and I are doing something different this summer on the Teach Better Podcast. Instead of our usual hour-long in-depth conversations with faculty, we’re focusing each episode on a separate category of educational technology tools and including several mini-interviews. Tomorrow we’ll publish our first episode on classroom response systems (aka “clickers”).

The spirt of the podcast isn’t changing at all. We’re still letting teachers tell their own stories about what they do in their classrooms and why. This summer, our guests will tell us why they use a particular technology and how they chose a particular tool. We will also explain how to get started with the tools, and go big picture to compare different software packages.

Our second and third edtech summer episodes will be about digital textbooks and running simulations in the classroom. I’ve never used a digital textbook, but I’m intrigued by the interactivity and portability they offer. We haven’t yet decided on other topics and would love to hear reader/listener suggestions. What do you think of presentation technology? How about peer-grading services? Or video conferencing tools?

We’re also going to try incorporating follow-up into these episodes. That is, if we get questions about things we talk about in previous episodes, we’ll try to answer them. I’ve always thought it was cool when my favorite tech podcasts did this.

So please send your topic suggestions and questions to feedback@teachbetter.co or tweet them @TeachBetterCo. This is going to be fun!